High-speed packaging solution for primary and secondary packaging

The UNIROB picker lines are designed for sorting and packing unpacked and primary packed products and are used wherever a large number of variants, packing patterns and mixing ratios require maximum flexibility. Products fed in rows, pre-grouped or chaotically are detected by a camera and laser system and fed via a transport system to the following handling zone into the toploading area. Depending on requirements, the toploading area is equipped with several R.WEISS Delta Pickers arranged in a row. Depending on the product characteristics, each delta picker picks up the products from its handling zone by means of gripping or suction technology and inserts them into the packaging unit according to a predefined packing pattern. The picker tools are individually adapted to the product by experienced engineers and manufactured using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology. Due to the simple manufacturing process the tools can be optimized to perfection. The transport of the trays or folding boxes is carried out in the standard version by a carrier belt or by the integrated Intelligent Shuttle System ISS. The loading units are loaded with the products in a continuous process using the toploading method. Due to the modular design of the UNIROB picker lines, the packaging line can be flexibly extended by further standard cells. The packaging processes can thus be individually adapted to changes in production output and guarantee absolute flexibility when packaging at high speed.

Fields of application:
-Pharmaceutical, Food, Confectionary and Non-food
-Primary and secondary packaging
-Integrated into a plant as a line component
-From the mono-picker cell to complete picker lines
-For all tasks in the field of toploading through precise pick-and-place of products
-Product feeding in line, chaotic or pre-grouped

-Quick change devices for format change
-Execution according to industry-specific requirements for primary and packaging areas
-Integration of additional camera systems
-Integration of the Intelligent Shuttle System for maximum flexibility in packaging and product transport
-Integration of product buffer systems if necessary
-Formation of undermixing and mixed packagings for products supplied in pure form
-Efficient processing by "shake-hand process" of two 6-axis robots possible
-Optional manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic format change and short changeover times
-Multi-lane transport of trays and folding boxes possible

Technical data / special features:
-up to 200 picks/min. per robot
-Absolute precision and positioning accuracy at belt speeds of up to 60m/min.
-Integration of a product buffer possible
-Complete serialization solutions through integrated coding and image processing systems in combination with Industry 4.0 technologies
-Gentle product handling through picker tools and gripper systems individually manufactured for the products, in 3D printing process
-Good plant accessibility and insight into the packaging processes via large protective doors
-modern control concept with intuitive user interface