UNIROB Lidding Machine

The best comes last - The lid

The UNIROB lidding machine convinces with its compact design, sophisticated technology and unconditional reliability, making it the ideal partner for the further developed UNIROB denester.

The Lidding machine has been configured on the basis of the modular standard design and has an externally accessible lid magazine which can be manually adjusted via a quick-change device depending on the format. In addition, a 6-axis robot was mounted in the destacking cell, suspended from above, which can cover a working area of 360°. The robot is equipped with a multi-tool, which can be changed fully automatically at the push of a button. The robot tool is stored in a jig above the cell to save space. When a change is made, the robot automatically moves up and automatically connects the desired exchange tool. This reduces the changeover time to a minimum and guarantees maximum system availability and safety for the operating personnel.

During the lidding process, the filled blisters or trays enter the cell. With its multifunctional suction tool, the robot sucks a set of lids from the magazine, places them on the trays and presses them down. With the same tool, the closed trays are now gripped and placed on an opposite discharge conveyor. The lidded trays are then discharged from the lidding cell.

Fields of application:
-pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, food, confectionary, non-food
-liding of trays, blisters or other containers made of different materials
-suitable for a large variety of shapes and sizes
-Integrated into a plant as a line component
-Efficient processing through multifunctional robot tool (suction and gripping in one)

-Integration of the Intelligent Shuttle System for maximum flexibility in packaging and product transport
-Integration of product buffer systems if required
-optional manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic format change and short changeover times
-Multi-lane transport from the trays possible
-Integration of further processes such as the insertion of package inserts, scent cards etc.

Technical data / special features:
-Lidding of up to 110 trays / minute
-Format parts produced using 3D printing processes and individually adapted to the products
-Minimum changeover time due to fully automatic tool change
-Space-saving and compact design
-Good view of the plant through large safety doors