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We present you a comprehensive portfolio for your packaging processes. Among other things, we would like to present two interesting innovations for the processing of trays and blisters. An absolute special feature of our innovations is the integrated robot collaboration, in which two built-in 6-axis robots work hand in hand. Let yourself be inspired and discover our high-performance packaging solutions!

UNIROB Denesting Machine

Increased efficiency right from the start

With the highly efficient UNIROB denester you can optimize your packaging processes right from the start. High-performance denesters are important because they are the first step in the packaging process where you can work on increasing efficiency. Production rates can only increase as fast as the containers can be brought onto the line. Therefore it is important to use reliable components for maximum productivity and profitability. Any jams or slowdowns at this point can negatively affect the performance of the packaging line. Therefore, trust the new technology of the UNIROB denester.

UNIROB Lidding Machine

We'll go one better

The further developed UNIROB lidding machine is the optimal addition for lidding trays and blisters or other containers made of different materials, which still have to be lidded after the filling process. The lidding machine is individualized and adapted to the requirements of our customers.

Intelligent Shuttle System (ISS)

Flexible transport system for highest efficiency in production

The Intelligent Shuttle System (ISS) opens up completely new possibilities in packaging processes. Product and packaging are transported by shuttles that are driven completely independently and can be linked, decoupled and controlled via an intuitive operating concept. The ISS transport system guarantees maximum reliability, fast transport speeds, minimum changeover times and high quality.

UNIROB Picker Linie

Packing at high speed

The UNIROB Picker Lines are used in all areas where a large number of variants, different mixing ratios and different packing patterns require absolute flexibility and precision. The products are processed by means of pick-and-place processes with a cycle rate of up to 200 products per minute and highest accuracy with deviations of maximum 0.1mm. The output of the Packaging machine can be scaled as required by stringing together several picker cells and can thus be implemented according to individual customer requirements as a mono-picker cell up to a complete Picker Line.